Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mystery guest now in Minsk, Belarus

I'm now a mystery guest invited by Sergei Gird from the university of Minsk. We're simply using his class blog, sharing the ID & login. But I guess i'll direct his students over here some time when I've revealed my identity. They are asking very good interview questions in the comments to my postings, and I hope to meet them online in a synch session or two later on, as we have decided to try, perhaps using my virtual Elluminate classroom in learningTimes.

The blog is located at

Friday, February 18, 2005

Who knows this place?

Ok, my last message was far too long. Hope you forgive me - I just enjoy writing SOOO much. Do you have any questions about thie story?

This time I'm asking for your help - I've taken this photo when I was travelling, but where? I think some of you may have been there, perhaps to enjoy the beautiful sunset view? I have a surprise for the right answer! Please write your suggestion in the comments.

yours sincerely

Mystery Guest
in Denmark

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Good questions!

So many good guesses!

This is amazing! Because of the time zone difference, while I was asleep, Wendy's class have sent many comments to this blog, with suggestions about who I am and where I live. Tanaz, you're right, my blue eyes come from a North European family. I was born only about ten kilometers from where I live today.Genie's aunt lives in Denver - but that's not eaxctly Europe (although many North Americans do have European ancestors). Jessie suggests the Netherlands, I can see you have been looking at the world map. But who said Denmark? That's right; and I live up north of the capital, Copenhagen Denmark I think Abdulaziz guessed my age - past fifty. And my gender - look at the photo; this IS me. And, I'm a teacher.

Actually this photo won an award The Lolas- in the category Funniest Live Online Learning Moment. In a way, I was not telling tre truth; a phone addict is someone who is addicted to the telephone and talking all the time, I'm not. I don't even have a cell phone.

But in this case, I was in a distance learning class where we used a telephone conference plus the computer - and I don't have a hands free phone. Sometimes you do silly things in the privacy of your office, where nobody can see you. I was so eager to test my brilliant invention for an annoying problem: wanting to have my hands free for the keyboard AND listening to the [virtual classroom] session [by telephone]. I was completely unaware of the irritating scratch noise it must have generated to all other participants [on the phone]. And, it was only when someone asked if they could see me that I thought of taking a snapshot and sharing it with the other participants, and it was only then that I realized how idiotic I looked with my feminine scarf invention :-) By the way, it worked perfectly. No stress and no telephone-tired arm!

OK, now over to you again- what more would you like to know; I need to prepare myself as I have a class today, as a student of entrepreneurship and innovation! And today's lecture is about Business account book keeping

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

This person is a phone addict :-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

What time is it where I live?

As you come from different countries, I suppose you already know about the world being divied into different time zones (if not, some people would have day time in the middle of the night, hehe!)

Well, my time is 9 hours ahead of Vancouver time. Once I travelled by air all the way from home to Vancouver! First we spent 7 hours to get to Toronto, and then again 8 more hours I think to get to Vancouver! Can you imagine we were having jetlag!

Check time zones and how to calculate differences at And if you know my country by now, move 20 km upwards the capital, this is where I live!

My country is...

Greetings and thank you for all your questions!

I will do my best to answer you all in a way that would help you find out more to ask. First of all, where do I live? Jessie is right - I'm in Europe, and we have all four seasons. My country is north of Germany, south of Norway, east of United Kingdom and West of Sweden. Perhaps you can locate it on a
world atlas?

If you have a suggestion, please post your comment to this message!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Lots of snow

Hello students,

for the last two days we have had lots of snow. It is winter of course, and I have mixed feelings about snow - it looks so beautiful in our garden and I ought to go for a long walk. But cleaning snow from the sidewalk of our street is hard work.
Very happy that we did not have to go anywhere because cars are in real trouble; our street is not even cleaned yet.

Actually, our country is one peninsula about the size of Vancouver Island, and many more islands. This means that weather changes often. And, our country is part of Scandinavia! Now, it is up to you to make a guess: which country do I live in?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Hello Canadian students!

Hello blogging students,

your teacher Wendy, has invited me to be your mystery guest in your English class. Now you're going to ask me all sorts of questions to find out:

who am I?

I promise to answer as often as I log in, but as I live in another time zone, you might have to wait for a reply now and then!

yours sincerely,

Eve in Paradise